Staff Editorial: Nichol snubs students

Former College President Gene Nichol ended his near month and a half of silence Friday to talk to the press. But he wasn’t talking to reporters or answering the questions you might expect. Instead of granting repeated interview requests from the student media, Nichol appeared on PBS, talking cozily with WHRO host Cathy Lewis about issues ranging from the strain on his family to the intellectual rigor of students at the College.

p. While Nichol has a right to privacy, his resignation e-mail raised more questions than it answered. He has yet to justify his accusations against the College’s governing body — accusations that put Board of Visitors members in the awkward position of having to defend their decision while avoiding further damage to the reputation of Nichol and the College. The BOV faced an interrogation from students, faculty and staff while Nichol shied away from further discussion of his unsubstantiated allegations.

p. Nichol has snubbed the very students he claims to have championed. It is time for him to answer for his actions in an open, honest dialogue — the way BOV members answered for theirs.


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