This Week in Flat Hat History: April 4


The College library acquired a 125-year-old algebra book once used in an ancient school.


King Hussein of Jordan visited the College over spring vacation. Winthrop Rockefeller, the chairman of Colonial Williamsburg, greeted the king and his 15 member party. The young leader signed autographs in the College yard before leaving to tour other sights in the area.


Five students were arrested for narcotics charges as part of a sting operation set up by police. Two undercover agents had been impersonating students for weeks leading up to the raid of the Bryan Complex. The five students had consumed marijuana and sold the drug and associated paraphernalia. The College decided not to take disciplinary action while the group awaited trial later in the month.


Senior Dave Sobel convinced six fellow students to write about their lives and post it in a blog he created called “The University Center.” Sobel modeled his project off several other websites of the time that chronicled fictional characters’ lives much like soap operas. All cast-members were given pseudonyms to ensure some anonymity.


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