Capsule Review: “The Recession” by Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy, the Atlanta-based rapper of “Love in this Club” fame, released his third solo album, “The Recession,” on which he attempts to offer a profound message about the current state of our nation.

Unfortunately, Jeezy swings and misses.

This continues the trend of “rapper turned political pundit,” which hasn’t exactly worked out for artists who, as recently as last year, were writing songs about throwing money in the strip club and selling copious amounts of drugs.

The CD includes few featured artists, none of whom appear until the 13th track. The first track, “The Recession (Intro),” does nothing more than get you pumped for a social commentary theme that never even gets off the ground. The first half of the album features songs that bring nothing new or revolutionary to the table. The second half of the CD includes the two singles, “Vacation,” a typical club song, and “Put On,” featuring Kanye West. “The Recession (Intro),” “Put On,” and the final track, “My President (featuring Nas),” are the only tracks worth listening to if you want to hear Young Jeezy talk about anything other than his cars and clothes. The album makes you wonder how much the recession has really affected the guy, especially when he says “My president is black,” only to follow with “my Lambo’s blue, and I’ll be God damned if my rims ain’t too.” It’s good to know that even in these rough times, Young Jeezy can buy a Lamborghini and still afford matching rims.


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