Where to get sex info on campus

Sex slaves,

I just stopped by the Student Health Center and picked up a bunch of sexual health brochures. I was shocked at how many they had and how relevant they all were. Don’t feel uncomfortable; if you have sexual health questions, the Health Center is a great resource!

My favorite pamphlet was one with a picture of a naked man and woman on the front. They are pictured in watercolor in each other’s arms. Across the top it reads “Chlamydia is not a Flower.” Classic.

Also, they have condoms! Good ones! The blue Trojan kind. Which you can also get at the Fish Bowl. The Campus Center, now that I bring it up, is a great place to go for sexual information also.

I know searching the internet seems safer and more private but in the wiki-age it’s hard to tell what’s reliable.

More to come in an upcoming column on all of this.

Love and whippings!


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