Female reports sexual assault

A female student was sexually assaulted in her on-campus residence hall after a male acquaintence accompanied her home in the early morning hours of Oct. 10.

According to College spokesman Brian Whitson, the incident was reported to the girl’s Resident Assistant later that day, and was subsequently reported to the William and Mary Police that evening.

Whitson said that the girl has requested that no criminal charges be filed against the alleged perpetrator.

“It would be very difficult to prosecute if [the girl involved] requested no charges be filed,” Whitson said.
The alleged perpetrator is a student at the College but is not currently enrolled this semester.

However, according to Vice President for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler, he is still subject to adherence of the College’s code of conduct.

Students found to have committed sexual assault could face academic penalties as severe as dismissal from the College indefinitely.

Federal law prevents the College from releasing the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the crime.


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