News in Brief (Mar. 3)

*Walsingham suffers flu outbreak*

Walsingham Academy, a private school located off Jamestown Road just a few miles distance from the College of William and Mary, was closed Friday due to an illness that swept through its student population, causing high numbers of absences over the week, according to the Daily Press.

Almost a third of Walsingham’s 719 students were absent Thursday with intestinal and respiratory flu symptoms, prompting school officials to close the school Friday, said Peter Bender, the Upper School principal.

A letter sent to parents and teachers Thursday said about 100 Upper School students and around 80 Lower School students had been absent earlier in the week.

*Committee launches mascot search*

In a message to the College of William and Mary community, College President Taylor Reveley announced the appointment of a committee of faculty, staff, students and alumni dedicated to working on creating a new mascot.

The mascot committee launched a website where people can submit ideas or comment and ask questions.

“We have the ‘Tribe,’ which will continue to unite us,” Reveley said, “but the College has lacked a mascot ever since the feathers bit the dust. We need a mascot for all purposes at William and Mary, athletic and other. It’s time to find one and have fun in the process.”


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