‘The Office’: How high can Michael fly?

Did everybody catch “The Office” this week? I had to watch it on Friday afternoon because of other engagements, but what a _downer_. “The Office” became one of my favorite shows because it’s never so intense that you have to watch every week — but no matter when you watch it, you always laugh so hard. This week proved to be a major exception.

While there were some funny parts, I only laughed out loud one time (for comparison, I’m usually busting a gut at least five times an episode). For the majority of the episode, I felt extremely uncomfortable because of the tension between Michael and Charles Minor.

The episode ended with Michael quitting, telling his boss, “You have no idea how high I can fly.” The parting line might be slightly funny, but the idea of losing Michael is not.

What did you all think of season five’s eighteenth episode, “New Boss?” Is Michael gone for good? Is Charles Minor here to stay?


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