2008-2009 SA Report Card

Of the 20 bills passed by the Student Assembly senate between October 21, 2008 and March 3, 2009, 15 have been fully implemented. The remaining five are all in some stage of the legislative process.

Among the bills passed is the Flu Vaccine Funding Act, sponsored by Sen. Mullis ’09.

The bill allocated $2,500 to provide flu vaccines for College of William and Mary students. A total of 303 people received vaccines, the first 100 of whom were not charged and the following 40 were recipients of a $10 discount.

The SA also implemented the Collegiate Readership Program Act, sponsored by Sens. Michael Douglass ’11 and Ryan Eickel ’10.

The bill funds to provide copies of USA Today, The New York Times and The Daily Press newspapers to locations around campus including the Sadler Center, Swem and the Commons at no charge to the student body.

The SA also passed two Election Day bills, the Election Day Act sponsored by Sens. Brittany Fallon ’11, Ben Brown ’11, Sarah Rojas ’10 and Ross Gillingham ’09 and the Presidential Election Outreach Act sponsored by Fallon ’11. The Election Day Act encouraged professors to cancel class on the Nov. 4, 2008 Election Day. The Presidential Election Outreach Act provided warm apple cider and stickers for students who voted in the Presidential Election.

Bills that have been in committee since October include, the APO Assistance Bill sponsored by Sens. Douglass and Michael Tsidulko ’11, The DVD Act (II) sponsored by Mullis, The Open Billing Act sponsored by Sens. Walter McClean ’09 and Steven Nelson’10 and the Communal Bikes Act sponsored by Brown.

Several bills introduced this semester are still in committee including the Printer Relocation Act sponsored by Sen. Betty Jeanne Manning and the Prevent Wet Tours Act sponsored by Fallon and McClean.


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