Tribe (fashion) fever

Every college has school spirit, but only one has Tribe Pride.

Following Saturday’s brilliant victory that College of William and Mary football had over the University of Virginia, explosions of excitement came from all over campus as well as from Tribe supporters who followed the team to Charlottesville. Not only did the win give every student something to celebrate, it also gave every student something to wear.

Such a thrilling triumph makes even the most non-sweats-wearing of us want to break out our hoodies and hats and parade around campus with delight. Some daring fans sported green and gold face paint, crazy wigs, and pretty much every Tribe accessory they own. Others took a more subtle, yet still spirited, approach with just one green and gold accent piece. But whether all Tribed out in a gold sweatshirt and green pants or all dolled up in a cute Tribe t-shirt and pretty skirt, one thing is certain. Last weekend’s feat was a great kick-off to the new semester and brought out the Tribe Pride in all of us.

If you still need some William and Mary gear to support the school, here are some spirited ideas:

* A comfy and cool “W&M” sweatshirt is key for a chilly game day or for late-night Swemming.
* Soft sweatpants show off your spirit in style with “William & Mary” written down the leg.
* A simple Tribe tee is classic and a must-have in every College student’s wardrobe.
* All team rivalries aside, a Tribe baseball cap will let you remain friends with Yankees and Red Sox fans alike.

All of these awesome Tribe products can be purchased from the bookstore or the campus shop.


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