Capsule Review: “Ready” by Trey Songz

    Sex is on the brain and in the car, the kitchen, the club, the bedroom and possibly on another planet in the solar system. We got it, Trey. Returning with his third LP, “Ready,” Richmond native Trey Songz crafts more erotic, sultry romps and boudoir confessions, all for the countless women lining up at his headboard, providing their own pillows. Straddling between mature, love-making songs and humorous, raunchy R.Kelly-esque material, Songz reaches a new level of sexual content with “Ready.”

    It appears that the ultimate goal for this album is to get as many women out of their clothes as possible, while keeping their high heels on — which Songz references in many songs. Tracks such as, “Panty Droppin,” “Neighbors Know My Name” and “I Invented Sex,” explore the male grandiosity of animalistic pleasures, while other songs like “Black Roses,” “Holla If You Need Me” and the first single, “I Need a Girl,” expose the affectionate side of Songz’s lyricism.

    Mixed in with slow-tempo tracks that warrant intimate encounters, playful R&B ditties emerge, with “Say Aah” — featuring Brooklyn rapper, Fabolous — and the third released single, “LOL:-),” featuring Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em — which exhibits suggestive text messages and double entendres for drinking and oral communication — pun intended.

    Never tame, the album continues with charismatic, smooth vocals and evocative R&B grooves, as Songz flaunts and parades his established R&B singer status. He even pays homage to R&B/Pop icons Michael Jackson and Prince with melodic resemblances to unforgettable ballads, “Human Nature” and “Purple Rain.”
    Although he advertises a faulty claim (“I invented Sex”) and features short, transition tracks, which falter immensely, he is still in the process of creating a high-quality, classic R&B album. Until then, we will accept the attempt and leave him to his confident swag and sexual explorations.


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