SA, city expand parking

    The city’s recent decision to open up 30 more parking spaces for students in the Prince George Parking Garage warms the cockles of our hearts. Although we should know better, we tentatively hope the spirit of cooperation for mutual betterment this deal represents will set the tone for the upcoming Williamsburg Planning Commission meetings.

    This deal was possible because it worked with beautiful simplicity to satisfy the needs of both parties involved. The city’s garage had a surplus of available parking, and students needed places to park, for which they are willing to pay. While this kind of arrangement is not going to realign the trenches in the housing debate, we love the tone it sets for town-gown relations.

    One lesson learned is that communication between the College of William and Mary and the city should always be a priority of both the administration and the Student Assembly. SA Sen. Jill Olszewski ’12 should be commended for her foresight in proposing this deal to Williamsburg Chief of Police Mike Yost, whose eager responsiveness should also be applauded.

    Furthermore, we see this as a perfect example of how compromise can always be reached when creative minds get together. Although parking can be as much of a problem in Williamsburg as it is on campus, there was still a way for the city to respond to students’ needs to its own benefit. The same can be done in the housing debate, if only the planning commission is able to get past the same kind of regressive name calling that has bogged down this debate for years.


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