Beer theory

Why do men gravitate toward beer more often than women? It’s a bit puzzling why women go for martinis and glasses of wine while men prefer a mug of hops.

Beer seems like a very “manly” beverage because of its prevalence in bars, sports clubs, fraternity parties, and Monday night football games. However, there is actually a scientific reason behind its popularity amongst men.

Psychologists have proven that men’s testosterone levels are raised in the presence of another male (regardless if he’s a brother or best friend). The sudden raise in testosterone is in response to the elevation of the brain’s “danger” signals.

Beer, made with hops, contains phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen isn’t exactly the female hormone estrogen, but it does raise androstenol levels.

Andostenol, I guess you could say, takes the edge off. It supplies a calm, gregarious feeling and suppresses the hormones that rouse aggression and hostility.

Basically, beer is the ultimate social drink for men. It decreases the aggression stimulated by their testosterone levels in the presence of other men, and makes them more laid back.

Did I mention peanuts (a popular bar snack) also contain phytoestrogens? Go figure.


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