New libertarian talk show offers insight on political issues

    Among the newest of the student-run shows on the College of William and Mary’s WCWM radio station,
    Austin Raynor’s ’10 “Libertarian Talk Radio” tackles current political issues from 3 to 4 p.m. every Thursday.

    Launched this fall, the show covers current affairs from the perspective of a frequently misunderstood philosophy.

    “Many people are unfamiliar with libertarianism, and my foremost goal is to simply educate them about its philosophical basis and its application to current national issues,” Raynor said. “But I also want to convince people that libertarianism is the best political philosophy available, from a moral and an economic standpoint.”

    The show does not specifically endorse the Libertarian Party, nor is it affiliated with the College’s Libertarian Students.

    Rather than targeting a strictly libertarian audience, Raynor tries to lay out his argument in a manner that allows listeners to keep pace.

    “I choose a single topic of national interest for each show and begin by summarizing the issue in a nonpartisan way,” Raynor said. “Then I critique the legislation currently in place, or the legislation being considered, and end by proposing a libertarian solution to the problem.”

    After the initial show, which provided a broad overview of libertarianism, Raynor has explored a different
    subject each week.

    Most recently the show discussed the issue of climate change and the Kyoto Protocol.

    Raynor hopes to cover everything from macroeconomics and the role of the Federal Reserve to foreign policy.

    Preparation for each show entails a considerable amount of research.

    “I try to give as much evidence to support my points as I can, so I include the facts, statistics and examples relevant to each issue,” Raynor said.

    Though Raynor has long had libertarian leanings, his commitment to the philosophy crystallized after coming to the College.

    His study of economics and of the central tenets of libertarianism convinced him that his own beliefs were best reflected by the philosophy, with its emphasis on free market capitalism, reducing the size of government and increasing civil liberties.

    Raynor was drawn to libertarianism because of its emphasis on free market capitalism, reducing the size of capitalism and increasing civil liberties.

    The period of expansion in the federal government’s size and scope that has occurred under the most recent presidential administrations only further confirmed his convictions.

    The show is broadcast on WCWM, 90.9 FM, and can be streamed live online at the radio station’s website. Callers are welcome to contribute to the discussion by calling in to the show at (757) 221-3268.


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