Grey’s Anatomy: A slipshod start

I have to admit that I was disappointed by Thursday’s season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy.” I generally like the two-hour episodes if they are worthy of being two hours, but I felt like this episode dragged on a little too long.

I think we all had gone through Kubler Ross’s stages of grief this summer, and by Thursday I accepted that George was dead, although I suspected Izzy was probably still among the living. George didn’t have a strong role in the cast anymore; he’d been romantically connected to an improbable amount of characters (Meredith, Izzy, Lexie, Callie), and none of them needed him anymore; he’d gone through all of the girls in the show (except for Cristina, but there was no way that was happening) and he wasn’t involved in any strong plot lines (his role as the chief’s intern had been played out, he’d become a resident and he was just an accessory to Izzy’s story). The plot possibilities for his character had quite honestly been worn out. I had accepted his death, and I thought the moment of doubt over his identity was, frankly, gratuitous.

The episode revived a lot of my least favorite plot lines. I think the Chief should have retired a long time ago, and his behavior in the past episode confirmed that belief. He should have allowed Arizona to run all the scans she wanted, and he shouldn’t have denied Callie that promotion. I’m not at all convinced that he’s a good Chief, and I think that he should be home with his poor wife Adele, where he would stop bothering me. I also don’t like when Alex and Izzy fight: they’re such a cute couple, and she’s so good for him, and there was no need for him to be so hostile to her post-recovery. The therapist also annoys the hell out of me.

On the positive side: Meredith and Derek seem to be enjoying post-it matrimony!


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