That Guy: Chase Hathaway

    __Chase Hathaway is all about bringing people together and living life at the College of William and Mary to the fullest. His majors, psychology to see how people work and marketing to learn how to “work towards people,” reflects his general outlook on life. Alongside some poignant self-reflection, Chase enlightens me about the joys of still playing intramurals with his freshman hall, what it was like to start The Tribal Fever and how to fit 30 people into a Jamestown dormitory room.__

    *You are a big sports fan?*

    I am a gigantic sports fan; I love all sports. I have worked with some friends to start up The Tribal Fever. Last March I sat down with the Athletic Department and worked with them and found a friend. We made a website and picked up one more guy, and now it’s grown. It really has been a great mix: I really love school, and I love sports.

    *Has there been a certain standout moment you’ve witnessed in sports?*

    I’d say the most recent one was the win over U.Va., which was insane. We took a hundred kids up there on two buses for the club, and it was about 60 percent freshmen and I just kept thinking, ‘this is so cool because this is their first college sports game to see.’”

    *You mentioned that your faith is very important to you at home in Virginia Beach. How does that part of who you are manifest itself at the College?*
    I’m involved with the Wesley Foundation. Actually, Wesley is a large part of how I came here. I came October senior year [of high school] and visited a friend, and then again in April, and just wanted to see that there were churches here. The friend’s sister actually lived in the Wesley house, so it was a weird twist of fates that I ended up there. I’ve spent a bunch of time there, and it’s been a key aspect of who I am as a person, which is exciting.

    *You’re somewhat famous for Friday Night Float Nights. What were they?*

    When I was a freshman I had a friend two years older that lived in Monroe in the Head Resident apartment, and who had this thing called Milkshake Mondays. I loved them and met some cool, cool folks there and actually talked to my now-girlfriend there, which was exciting. So the next year we came up with Friday Night Float Nights. Sophomore year is weird because you take your condensed freshman hall and you’re all across campus. So we thought, what’s a way that we can bring everyone in? Why don’t we do Friday Night Float Nights? So we’d host them in my attic room in Jamestown; I think on our best float night we had 30 people in our room. It was a neat way to meet new friends and hang out in a way that didn’t involve being out at the frats or at Paul’s.

    *Describe yourself in a few words.*

    I’d say energetic, compassionate and loud — or at least that’s how I strive to be portrayed. The loud more so just happens; I’m a loud guy. I love talking to people, I love hearing what people do.

    *What is your ideal work environment?*

    I like to watch TV when I work. I put on sports or CNN. I love “The Office.”

    *What’s your favorite ‘Office’ sub-plot?*

    I guess at heart I’m a hopeless romantic, so I love Jim and Pam. I also love Darryl. I love Michael and Toby’s relationship. I love the jokes Jim plays on Dwight. There’s so much to it — it’s so funny. I actually first started to watch because my accounting professor used to show clips before class, and I thought it was hilarious. He actually loaned me his ‘Office’ seasons one, two and three, and now I’m hooked. I don’t do things on Thursdays now from 9 to 9:30.

    *What do you like most about the College?*

    I’d say to some extent the reason I love it is an intangible feeling and not something I could put a finger on. I guess what sums it up best is at Convocation when we cheer, and there’s a cheer that’s like “Welcome Home,” because this just really feels like home. You’re well-liked, you’re well-respected. I think the respect is huge; there is a sense of inherent respect among people because you are here for a reason, you don’t just get to come here.

    __After the interview Chase asks me about myself and what I do around campus. His genuine interest in his peers at the College is immediately apparent. He’s barely had time to drink his coffee during the interview because of his enthusiastic conversation and clearly isn’t bothered by the cold cup of Joe.__


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