College Delly changes owners

    The College Delly is under new ownership after a less than amicable transition between Jerry Tsitsidopoulos and the partnership of Dean Tsamouras and Ed Odom.

    Tsamouras owned and operated the Delly from 1975 to 2007. In 2007, Tsitsidopoulos purchased the restaurant’s name, inventory and furniture from the previous owner. Tsamouras maintained ownership of the
    property and building.

    Tsamouras and Odom reclaimed the restaurant Sept. 19, Tsamouras was reportedly displeased with Tsitsidopoulos’s management of the Delly.

    Tsamouras is suing Tsitsidopolous for unlawful detainer, which is loosely defined as the unlawful possession of property. It is typically used to evict tenants who fail to pay rent. Court documents indicate that
    Tsamouras is suing Tsitsidopoulos for $618,000 in unpaid rent, as well as $5,206.14 in interest, fees and damages. The rent requested was for the period of August 2009 to August 2017.

    Tsamouras and Tsitsidopoulos were unavailable for comment.

    “[Tsamouras] is not a mean man,” Odom said. “If [Tsitsidopoulos] had been cooperative, there wouldn’t have been a lawsuit.”

    Odom declined to comment any further on the case, as his name is not listed as a plaintiff.

    Although the Delly’s new owners have yet to obtain a liquor license, they expect to be back in the swing of things soon.

    “Business has been real, real slow because we can’t sell beer,” Odom said. “We’ve dropped the prices on all the sandwiches by $1 to $2.”

    Odom added that the restaurant has improved the quality of its meat selection and that salads will now be made fresh-to-order.

    The new owners hope to have a grand opening with specials on beer if and when Alcohol Beverage Control approves its license.

    “We’re called the College Delly so we’re gonna cater to the College,” Odom said. “We’re a kinder, gentler management.”


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