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Like every other episode in this new comedy, this week’s episode of “Community” was high-quality, hilarious and even a little serious. The writers of “Community” have done a fantastic job of making Jeff seem repulsive and loveable at the same time. It has certainly done a better job of mixing comedic with serious moments than “The Office” has… but I’m not a blogger for “The Office,” so I won’t go into my disappointment with that once-great comedy.

All of the characters in “Community” are funny — and by that I mean there isn’t a “straight man” to feed people jokes. Everyone has their moment in the spotlight, and the writers do a great job of keeping Jeff the main character without having him be the only one with great lines and all the camera time. Pierce, played by Chevy Chase, is annoying, but in an out-of-touch, has-been kind of way. Shirley’s a bit on the grating side, but she’s also really nice and well-meaning. And the supporting cast is phenomenal. Literally all of the teachers and administrators are as funny as the principal cast.

I like Jeff’s little bit of character development every episode. What I don’t like, however, is that he “develops” the same part of his character every time. He’s selfish? He realizes he’s wrong so he tries to make up for it. We’ve gotten that a few weeks in a row. I want to see other parts of his character developed. It’s still really early in the season, so I’m sure the writers will fix that.
I normally hate when shows break the fourth wall and mention that they’re just a show. But when Abed talked about how he was laying low for this episode since he was a main character in the last episode, it seemed to fit. Since he sees life as a series of TV shows and movies, it just made sense. Those writers really know what they’re doing.

My least favorite character is probably Britta. And it’s not even like I dislike her, I just don’t like her as much. She’s obviously got a lot of baggage, and it’s interesting to see her get more comfortable around Jeff. Right now, I’m not an enormous fan, just because she’s the closest thing to a straight man. Her attempts at girl-talk were great, though. I’m holding out hope for her.

But Annie’s still cuter.


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