Community: My stats professor looked just like Jeff’s!

I always like Halloween specials, especially with comedies, because the costumes the characters wear are always really funny or witty. I applaud “The Office” for their witty costumes — but I can’t say the same for “Community.” I love Señor Chang and his matador outfit; Britta’s squirrel costume was great; and Abed’s Batman voice was also very funny. But that’s three out of, what, eight main characters? Could they not think of better costumes?

Jeff’s plotline was boring, because the professor he was pursuing, despite her easiness on the eyes, was, like Britta said, “nice and pretentious” — she just wasn’t hot enough to make up for her stupid attitude. And Jeff did the same exact setup he always does: he does something selfish, he regrets it, the makes up for it, and he learns a little about himself… until next week. However, to his credit, this time Jeff seemed to put up less of a fight when asked to help Pierce during his episode. I think the writers are trying to focus on the other characters a little more, to keep the Jeff-selfish-then-selfless thing from being overwhelming.

I thought the dialogue between Britta and Shirley was really sweet. I like it when comedies let you see into the serious life of its characters. Shirley’s the well-meaning maternal one in the group, and it was heart-wrenching to hear about her no-good husband; it added a whole new level of intimacy and understanding between the viewers and the characters.

I really missed Abed in the last episode. I didn’t think I did, but he was back with a vengeance in this installment and was hilarious as the deep-voiced Batman. His parodied monologue at the end of the episode was fantastic. My favorite dialogue in the entire episode, though, had to be between Abed and Troy:

*Troy [to Abed dressed as Batman]*: Can I ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask the real Batman?
*Abed*: Yeeeahhh.
*Troy [pauses]*: Am I good-looking?
*Abed*: You’re a very attractive young ma—
*Troy [interrupting]*: I knew it.

I just hope we don’t see that much of the stats professor. I thought I was tired of the Jeff-Britta tension, but this episode I missed it. Who knew?


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