Dispatch from Austin: Day Three

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As a native Texan, coming to Austin was almost like coming home. Almost. Although not exactly like my hometown, Austin still has that Texas flavor but with its own twist. And being in the city on Halloween weekend made it just that much more twisted. As Caitlin, our photos editor, stopped us every few blocks to snap a photo for a contest capturing what “keeps Austin weird,” we all got an appreciation for the city, and I started to see it through more than as a semi-tourist/local.

In such an interesting city, it is difficult not to see a great story around every corner, especially for Variety. The bands I could cover, the people I could profile and the photos that could carry a whole page layout were almost too easy to find.

But after attending conferences all day on how to cover those great stories and make that great page, all I could do was compare this fascinating city with our own lovely Williamsburg. Where are the stories in the ’burg? Where are these colorful photos, and even more colorful people?

Luckily, I don’t work for a newspaper that just covers Williamsburg, I work for a paper that covers the College of William and Mary, and even though all the greenery can sometimes wash out the rest of the color, there is plenty going on at this campus to satisfy The Flat Hat for years (almost a century in fact, as next year is our 100th anniversary).

The challenge here is that the interesting stories might not be as blatantly apparent as a drag queen dressed for Halloween bar hopping on Sixth Street, but they are there. And The Flat Hat staff will be looking for them.


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