The Pulse: 3 Nov. 2009

Say hi to grandma. QVCwill be airing live from the Kimball Theater in Merchant’s Square 9 a.m. Thursday. The one-hour show, open to the public, will feature Colonial Williamsburg items, and at 10:30 you can meet QVC host Carolyn Gracie.

Trojan Condoms released its annual sexual health report card, which ranks colleges based on the availability of sexual health resources on campus. The College was not ranked, but Virginia Tech and U.Va. took 52 and 53, respectively. First was Stanford; last place, at 139, was DePaul University.

William and Mary already lost its record for the greatest number of people performing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance — a group of 12,937 in Mexico City beat the College’s in August — but now the College has lost its college “Thriller” record to Oregon State University. A group of 638 students there performed the dance at OSU’s homecoming this weekend.

It’s Ethics Week at the College. Tonight at 6 former BOV rector and Nipplegate-era FCC chairman Michael Powell ’85 will speak about honor in professional life. Tomorrow night author David Callahan will lead a discussion on integrity, and on Thursday watch a mock honor council trial led by College President Taylor Reveley.

A Warhill High School freshman who streaked a field hockey game between Lafayette and Jamestown high schools Oct. 21 has been suspended for 15 days, the Virginia Gazette reported. A Facebook group supporting him has over 800 members.

Colleges don’t fare well in Google’s search suggestions, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. The top three suggestions after typing “Higher education is” are “a scam,” “a privilege” and “a racket.” The sixth is “countries where higher education is free.”


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