Athlete focus: Kristin Milardo

The Flat Hat caught up with sophomore All-American Kristin Milardo to discuss her favorite gymnastics venue, what she misses about her native Colorado, and her opinion on Lil’ Wayne’s recent conviction.

What do you miss from Colorado?:

I miss the mountains, the snow, the Rockies. By Rockies, I mean the baseball team. I love following them. Of course, there are family and friends that I miss too.

Is there room to improve after last year’s breakout season?:

Of course. This summer I learned a new dismount that is harder to complete.

What is your favorite venue:

I have a lot of good memories at N.C. State after competing there twice last year [at the Sweetheart Invitational with the team and at the NCAA Regional meet individually]. There’s always a good crowd there.

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage:

Pink Lemonade.

One of your favorite artists is Lil’ Wayne. Any thoughts on his recent legal controversy?:

It’s very sad. But he is definitely going to make hits while he’s in jail. He’s going to be okay [laughs].


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