Road to Rui — er — Richmond

Your Student Assembly passed the 2010 Road to Richmond Act during Tuesday night’s meeting, allocating $595 toward transportation costs for the annual lobbying trip.

While the Road to Richmond is in itself a useful program intended to curb the disdain that Virginia legislators apparently have for the College of William and Mary, that the SA funds this trip has always seemed a bit off to me. Since the vast majority of students involved in this trip have ties to the SA, one could see this bill as the SA using student money to fund its own field trip. This really seems like something that the administration should have funded considering the reason for the trip is so students won’t have to incur the costs of more budget cuts from Richmond.

The SA also voted down the Honor Council Election Visibility Act, which would have requested that the Honor Council hold an additional information session pertaining to their elections this semester. I wasn’t really sure about this one; on the one hand I’m always in favor of information sessions, but as much as I hate to admit it, if you are one of the poor souls interested in being on the Honor Council you probably already knew when the information sessions where.

The Honor Council is a tricky organization in the sense that anyone interested in changing it would most likely have no interest in being on it. The SA can’t rely on students to reform the Honor Council from the inside-out. If any real reform is to take place, it will have to come from parties not involved. And to make it clear, the only real reform is extermination.


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