City opens forum to residents for budget discussion

The City of Williamsburg has opened a digital forum on its website to compile resident input on an upcoming budget.

The city launched “Williamsburg Open Forum” Tuesday, an online program to solicit input and feedback as city officials and the Williamsburg City Council debate and compile the fiscal year 2011 budget. The program allows individuals to make comments and suggestions and read others’ comments. City officials will incorporate all input into their decision process, according to a statement announcing the launch.

“The current ‘Great Recession’ presents significant challenges to our City’s budget, and decisions and choices will have to be made that affect every citizen,” City Manager Jack Tuttle said in the statement. “Although we have many methods of gathering input, such as council meetings and work sessions, e-mail, personal contact, we wanted to add one more way that citizens’ voices and opinions can be heard. Residents can read what others are saying online and make their own statement on their own schedule from the privacy of their own home.”

Background materials about the budget are available online at the forum and on the Finance Department’s web page. Tuttle is scheduled to deliver a 2011 proposed budget to City Council March 19.


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