Lost: The poem’s the thing

I apologize for the tardiness of the post this week. I was off on islands of my own (and, coincidentally, almost got stranded on one) and was too busy spring breaking to watch “Lost,” let alone write about it. But after driving 15 hours back from Miami, the first thing I did when I arrived in Williamsburg at 1 a.m. was watch Tuesday’s episode online. That said, I’m on a time crunch and I’m going to do a variation of the Ben Poem blog I wrote last year to summarize this past episode.

Daddy Linus – Compared to their volatile relationship on the island, Roger and Ben get along fine in the flash-sideways. Although Roger is clearly disappointed in Ben’s outcome, he is also disappointed in himself and does misplace blame on his son. As Lostpedia points out, in contrast to Ben’s poison-gas murder of his father on the island, he uses an oxygen tank to keep his father alive in the flash-sideways.
Richard Alpert – Jacob’s touch, which he calls a curse, has prevented him from aging or dying. His attempt at committing suicide via Dr. Jack Kervorkian — err, I mean Shephard — failed however. Does Jacob’s touch have the same effect for everyone?

Black Rock – Although it was not explained outright, I think it is safe to assume that Alpert was brought to the island on the slave ship. Not sure yet whether he was the one who clasped the chains on others or wore them himself.
European History – The class Ben teaches in his flash-sideways. Explain to me again why someone with a doctorate is teaching in a high school? They must be experiencing budget cuts in California colleges too.
Napoleon – Ben’s class lecture develops a link between the nineteenth century French leader and the Others’ leader. For both men, losing control proved to be the greatest loss.
Jacob – According to Alpert, who has presumably known Jacob for a long time, he is not to be trusted. And our battle over who is good and who is evil, Jacob versus Smokey, continues. However, that could just be a rant from a man who now believes that his whole lengthy life (which was lived in service to Jacob) has all been for naught.
Alex – In the flash-sideways, Ben gave up his principal dreams in exchange for helping his student, Alex Rousseau (which leads me to believe we might be seeing Danielle in a future flash-forward) get into college, a complete change from his season four sacrifice of his adopted daughter.
Manipulation – Even though he did not follow through with the plan, Ben cooked up a scheme to blackmail the bully principal of his high school into giving Ben his administrative position. Manipulation appears to be a theme in Ben’s life no matter the circumstances.
Ilana – Jacob’s personal Secret Service agent called Jacob the closest thing she’s ever had to a dad. Even though he’s gone, she must continue protecting the other six candidates.
Numbness – Did anyone else catch that look on Jack’s face when Alpert told him everyone at the temple (ahem, Kate) was dead?

Leslie Arzt – Another cameo appearance in the flash-sideways and a mention of his death in the island present! So far, he appears to be the same science teacher we met on the island. I think his dual mentions are inconsequential but I will take any excuse I have to be reminded of Hurley’s classic line “Dude, you’ve got some Artz on you.”
Initiative, Dharma – Roger and Ben Linus went to the island with Dharma in their flash-sideways but Roger has since lamented leaving the smart Dharma scientists.
Negotiations – Miles communes with the ashes of dead Jacob and reveals Ben as his murderer, causing Ilana to chain Ben to a tree to dig his own grave. After being freed by Smocke (who offers him a way off the island), however, Ben uses his liberty to explain to Ilana why he killed Jacob. Despite her anger at Ben for killing her father figure, Ilana forgave the weasely liar and invited him to stay with the group after he said that he killed Jacob because he felt like everything he had done for him had gone unappreciated (much like Alpert). Also, was Ben just blowing steam when he told Miles he had a way off the island?
U-boat – Also known as a submarine (sorry, U is hard to fill) carrying Widmore!
Stick of dynamite – Jack tried to help Alpert kill himself with a Black Rock explosive, but after his revelation in the lighthouse, Jack knew he would not die before he fulfilled whatever destiny Jacob had in store for him on the island.

See ya in another week (or, ya know, in a few days), brotha!


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