SA approves budget, asks for three-person clarification

    The College of William and Mary’s Student Assembly approved a budget for the 2010-2011 academic year at its meeting Tuesday.

    Sen. Brittany Fallon ’11, who serves on the Finance Committee, gave a brief presentation summarizing the planned expenditures, expected to total $600,750.

    When divided among the 6,750 undergraduate and graduate students at the College, the necessary student activities fee would be $89 per student, a $2 raise from last year’s fee.

    The approved budget grants funds to approximately 73 percent of the requests made by student organizations at the College.

    Alma Mater Productions will receive $135,000 to finance speakers, concerts and other entertainment. AMP received the most funds of all organizations that applied for funding.

    Other large expenditures that were approved include $14,771 for Steer Clear, $29,565 for the Marshall-Wythe School of Law’s Student Bar Association and $9,020 for the Graduate Student Association.

    The SA also granted an appeal from the Biology Club for $3,450 to fund an upcoming movie screening event.
    The Biology Club is partnering with the Student Environmental Action Coalition to bring the faux-documentary “Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy” to campus.

    Dr. Randy Olson — the film’s director — will be present to answer questions following the screening.
    Finance Secretary Fayfay Shang ’11 said that since student admission would be free, the screening would essentially cost $22 per person.

    The total cost of the event — including Olson’s appearance fee — is $5,500. The Biology Club expects approximately 250 people to attend the film screening.

    “This is expensive,” Shang said “It isn’t really consistent with what we usually do.”

    However, the SA granted the additional $3,450 needed to fund the event by unanimous consent.

    The movie screening will take place April 12 at 7 p.m. in Andrews Hall 101.

    The SA also passed the Why Three People Act by unanimous consent.

    The bill is a response to comments made by recently-elected Chair of the Williamsburg Board of Zoning Appeals C. Stewart Goddin at a meeting earlier this month.

    Goddin said that the three-person rule does not target students at the College, but mostly large immigrant families, who he said live together in confined spaces.

    The act, sponsored by Sen. Steven Nelson ’10, condemns Goddin’s remarks and asserts that families are actually protected by the three-person rule.

    SA Vice President Ryan Ruzic J.D. ’11, said that, in light of Goddin’s comments, the Executive Branch of the SA decided that Goddin is unfit to work with to amend the three-person rule.

    Williamsburg City Council candidate David Dafashy was present at the meeting to introduce himself to the student body.

    Dafashy, a Williamsburg native, has been a doctor at the College’s Student Health Center for the last two years.

    He stressed that open communication with his potential constituents, specifically students, is an important part of his election platform.

    “Even if we have differences of opinion, I want you to feel comfortable enough to come talk to me,” Dafashy said.

    Dafashy also endorsed Scott Foster ’10 for the second available position on the council.

    City Council elections will be held May 14.


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