News in Brief: April 6

    Native American reenact Williamsburg presence

    Colonial Williamsburg will enact the American Revolution story, “So Far from Scioto,” April 17 to May 8 in the Governor’s Palace garden. The performance is a part of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s American Indian Initiative, which aims to include Native American history in the re-creation of 18th-century Williamsburg. “So Far from Scioto” is the first American Revolution story to draw its performers from the Native American community. Shawnee roles will be portrayed by an all-Native American cast.

    The story follows three young Shawnee emissaries who were brought to Williamsburg in 1774 to ensure the follow-through of the peace agreement that ended Lord Dunmore’s War in the Ohio Country.

    They see firsthand the seizure of the colony’s gunpowder at the Powder Magazine by British marines and Lord Dunmore’s departure from the Governor’s Palace in light of growing conflict with Virginia patriots. After witnessing these events, the Shawnee people consider their course of action.

    Volunteer Fire Department begins fundraiser

    The Williamsburg Volunteer Fire Department will commence its annual fundraiser April 10.

    Volunteers will dress in full uniform and canvass door-to-door, distributing pamphlets with the department’s goals and projects planned for the upcoming fiscal year. Volunteer firefighters will also be going around neighborhoods Saturday afternoons and weekday evenings. The fundraiser will run through May 1.

    The volunteer fire department is a nonprofit organization that works with career firefighters and rescue personnel.


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