Sexual (re)orientation

Greetings, readers. The Daily Grind is back and eager to start off the year with a bang! Our pencils are sharpened (yum), our erasures are fresh (double yum) – let’s get down to business.

For those of you new to the College or otherwise not in the know, the Daily Grind is the Flat Hat’s sex blog. We know sex is a thing us young folks just luuvv to talk about, so why not do it in a smart, funny, educational way? These posts are meant to reflect the conversations going on all around us here at William & Mary, and will deal with everything from sex to sexuality to relationships to infinity and beyond. Sex is a big part of life and an even bigger part of college life. For that reason, the Daily Grind celebrates all sexy subjects and urges its readers to keep an open mind and always stay safe and healthy when it comes to the Deed.

In honor of this being the beginning of the school year, let’s use this post for a bit of orientation. By now you’ve had enough classes to remember how the start of the semester goes. Professors introduce themselves, maybe make a joke or two, pass out the syllabus and send you on your way. If your class is small enough, you might go around in a circle and state your name/major/uninteresting personal fact. Very cute, very middle school – but not without value. The reading load’s still light, there are no papers to worry about – heck, it’s still add/drop. Cherish these beginnings, readers.

These first few classes mark the time at college when we’re most in control. We get to decide if these are the classes we’ll want to take for an entire semester – and if they aren’t, well, bye-bye! In a lot of ways, the same goes for sex. Now’s a great time to peer into your grimy dorm room mirror and ask, “Am I who I want to be? Are my relationships going the way I want them to go? Am I sexually healthy and happy?” Be honest. Look deep. Orientate yourself. Think about the choices you’ve made in the past. Did they go the way you hoped? If they didn’t, think of ways to make better decisions in the future. Feeling icky about some mistakes? No sweat! It’s a new year, a new semester – you got yourself a clean slate, friend! It’s time to take advantage of autumn and (re)orientate your life. You’re back in control of your classes and your sex life.

So here’s to a new year of sex and sex blogging. Good luck to you all, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!


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