Almost Relevant: Tuesday Links

I had planned a whole rant about how I got a parking ticket this morning, but I realized you don’t care about my parking ticket. All you care about are the links.

Well, onto the links then:

Tony Shaver’s son Austin Shaver has been hired as the new Director of Basketball Operations at the College. If genetics are indication, the Tribe has definitely upgraded in the mustache department.

Here is Old Dominion Head Coach Bobby Wilder building up the Tribe to sound like the ’86 Bears.

Apparently Athletic Director Terry Driscoll doesn’t want to make a bet on the outcome of Saturday’s game with his ODU counterpart. Apparently Driscoll was offered all the books in the ODU campus library if the Tribe wins, but half had already been colored in.

Another unofficial visit to William and Mary, this time from Northfield Mount Hermon’s Tommy Carpenter. I could find nothing on Carpenter, so if you see something feel free to let the rest of us know who he is.

I was trying to look up how former Tribe basketball player Danny Sumner ’10 was doing in Finland, but all I could find was this semi-box score from a recent game. All joking aside, it appears by this story that Sumner might have been let go, but I am not a master at deciphering badly translated Finnish. If you do know Finnish, or just know Danny, feel free to tell everyone how is doing and if he is still in Finland.


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