Almost Relevant: Tuesday Links

Hey, the Tuesday links are back. Diligent readers of this blog might have noticed how we skipped out on the links last week. I had two papers and a midterm due, while Barnes was still in mourning over the Redskins’ loss to the Texas.

But I’m free this week and I’m sure Barnes is feeling better that the Redskins beat the (phone rings) — hold on let me take this phone call. Yes? The Redskins lost you say? To who? The Rams. Impossible, that is — barely a football team. You’re sure about this? Okay, then.

Well I guess I’m doing the links all by myself this week:

Oprah showed the now iconic photo of Jon Stewart at William and Mary in a show last week. On the good side, at least Stewart didn’t talk about how much he hated his time in Williamsburg while on the air.

Some are worried in Jacksonville that cornerback Derek Cox may have lost his confidence. I don’t know if it is true, but I don’t buy the ‘Derek may be too smart to be good’ argument.

A good article on the Tribe’s walk on program for the football team. If you have any doubts about how important this program has been over the last couple of years, remember that Adrian Tracy was a walk-on as a freshman.

The Tribe gets mentioned in the third paragraph of this high school field hockey article. In case you haven’t gotten your fix of field hockey recruiting yet after Sportscenter this morning.

Bruton high school retired the jersey of Tribe alum Todd Weaver who was killed in Afghanistan Sept. 9. An incredibly sad story of a young life taken too soon.


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