Police car strikes tree responding to burglary

William and Mary Police Officer Jim Baez was involved in a one-car accident last night around 8 p.m. Baez was responding to an alleged burglary when he was forced to swerve to miss another vehicle. Baez’s police vehicle struck a tree at the corner of Jamestown Road and Ukrop Way.

The officer was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance and released shortly thereafter in relatively good condition according to William and Mary Police Department Chief Donald Challis.

“[Baez] was bumped around,” he said. “The collision bag went off and there were some chemical burns with that. He was treated for a little bruising from the seat belt.”

Baez had his lights and sirens on as he was driving southwest on Jamestown Road. The opposing driver stopped at the intersection of Ukrop Way and Jamestown Road, attempting to make a left onto Jamestown Road. The driver pulled out in front of Baez who swerved to the right and hit a tree, Challis said.

The opposing driver was cited by the State Police. Challis was unsure of the charges.

“Any time there is a state vehicle is involved in an accident, the State Police are called to do an investigation,” Challis said. “I have not seen what they are going to determine … The insurance company may say just total it.”

Additionally, two Williamsburg Police officers arrived at the scene to help direct traffic.

The initial call to respond was initiated by the Williamsburg Police to the alleged robbery in the Hickory Farms subdivision.


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