WMTV kicks off new season

    Premiere Night for WMTV was held at the Commonwealth Auditorium in the Sadler Center Wednesday night. With clips from old and new shows, the night offered a look at the upcoming fall season.
    “Everyday Gourmet” returns this season as the longest-running show on WMTV. In each episode, chefs create and prepare a meal in a dorm room kitchen for under $20. When mac and cheese meals threaten to become regular fixtures in student diets, “Everyday Gourmet” offers fast and affordable ideas to break the college routine.

    Two sports shows, “Tribe Replay” and “ESPN-U,” report on Tribe Athletics. “Tribe Replay,” which airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m., provides highlights from athletic events on campus.

    Thursday nights feature variety show “Outlet,” as well as the music review show “Hitlist.” “Outlet” focuses on student interest pieces that provide in-depth coverage of various issues all over campus. In one of the first episodes, “Outlet” highlighted the popular rock climbing wall in the Student Recreation Center. “Hitlist” was first formerly a YouTube show, but was reworked into a new and improved popular music review show for WMTV.

    Two comedy shows, “Reasonably Late with Lex Powell” and “NumLock,” return to WMTV this fall with new episodes. “NumLock” is a sketch comedy show featuring a four-member cast that has recently focused on movie parodies. The other comedy, “Reasonably Late with Lex Powell,” is a stand-up show styled after the late night shows of Johnny Carson and David Letterman, combining comedy with guests and music.
    With four new shows and various returning shows, WMTV has a substantial and entertaining lineup for the fall season. The new shows offer a more diverse lineup than every before on WMTV. The shows can be viewed on channel 53 or online at wmtv.me.

    “TribeUpdate” offers information from the student happenings e-mails, but with the attention-grabbing details of a news report. Lauren Stephenson ’13, the executive producer and host of “TribeUpdate,” described the show as the only news source on WMTV.

    The show explores issues affecting the campus. “TribeUpdate” attempts to cover a range of topics that are relevant to student life and proves to be informative, while still capturing the personality of the campus. As a source of news, “TribeUpdate” stays relevant to campus life without losing its College of William and Mary flavor.

    “Tribe Choices at the Movies” is another show premiering this fall. The show reviews two movies currently in theaters and one movie coming out on DVD. In addition, it features a segment on classic movies. The show has two reviewers for the newer Hollywood features and one reviewer for the classic films. The reviewers present the trailer of the movie, then review the film and rate the film The limited number of reviewers might not offer an array of opinions on the movies. However, the show offers good suggestions movies. The second episode of “Tribe Choices at the Movies” will be filmed at The Kimball Theater in Williamsburg.

    Wednesday nights on WMTV offer two new comedy shows. “Ghostburg,” is a horror comedy show that toys with the idea of the ghosts in Williamsburg. The first episode features the ghost of St. George Tucker Hall’s Room 315 with a humorous twist on the game of Hangman. With Max Kingston as the host, the show’s characters offer an entertaining spin on the popular haunts of Williamsburg. “Ghostburg” tends to verge on the edge of a cliche horror comedy, but with its focus on Williamsburg, the humor hits home. “Ghostburg” is one ghost tour that produces more laughs than screams.

    The second of the comedy shows on Wednesday night, “30 Wren,” is a spin-off of Tina Fey’s “30 Rock.” The show centers on Derek (Kevin Place ’14) and his new job with the Board of Visitors’ admissions liaison department. In the first episode, Derek encounters the intensity of Ros, his boss (Nicole Boyd ’14). His rival, Veronica (Maria Rizkalla ’14) also adds drama to the workplace while his assistant, Natalie (Claire Favret ’14) provides the comic relief through her ditzy attitude. The tension between the characters and the comedy of the whole situation combine to create an entertaining show.


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