SA continues to miserably fail

Your Student Assembly is not very good at what it does. SA President Chrissy Scott ’11 foreshadowed an embarrassing evening when she said that the, “Student body doesn’t care about our internal affairs,” before more than an hour of petty arguments between senators. None of the bills up for a vote tonight are worth mentioning and their passage or failure is inconsequential. This is important because there isn’t a single senator who can claim that he was doing the right thing. To even participate in the debate that occurred is to be complicit in the shambles that the senate has become.

Do something. Do anything. Do not think about writing another internal affairs bill. The SA constitution is fine. No one but you cares about it, at all. That petting zoo you got for the spooktacular, just have that all time and do your best fine tune it and polish it all semester until it’s perfect. Your potential is vast and the possibilities are truly endless. You could buy coffee machines and coffee and give people free coffee. You could just give students their money back if you don’t think you can use it effectively.

I cannot stress enough that all senators should be ashamed and if you didn’t make an ass of yourself this week it is your responsibility to give the senate something vaguely constructive to talk about next week, I’m looking at you freshmen. Thankfully, under the stern and watchful eye of our senate, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Mark Constantine remains firmly under censure.


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