City Council Endorsement: Barb Ramsey

To the Editor:

April 15, 2016

There are several excellent candidates for city council this time around but my neighbor and friend, Barb Ramsey, stands out from the pack.

Several years ago when I stepped away as the landlord representative on the city’s Neighborhood Relations Committee, my first choice to recommend as a replacement was Barb. We had previously worked together on initiatives to bring the college student renters and the city residents together in social situations to develop better relationships at the start of the school year. Both Barb and I have been both long time Williamsburg residents and also rent to students in neighborhoods near campus. We live here because we want a diverse community and enjoy the age differences in our own neighborhoods, even when sometimes the college students sometimes act like the teenagers they are.

In my role as Associate Director of Athletic Development at W&M, I’ve also seen Barb in action as a fund-raiser.  She has become a key volunteer with the athletic department and has made a huge difference in her role as a co-chair of the Lord Botetourt Auction.  In fact, this event has raised over a million dollars in the past three years. She has hosted numerous members of various athletic teams for social gatherings, as well as many of the other students who live on and off campus. Her hospitality at her home is well known, and no one does more to bring town and gown together.

In short, Barb Ramsey cares about  Williamsburg and the College in a way that is unparalleled in my experience. She is uniquely positioned and qualified to add talent to the city council. Barb gets things done in a creative, cooperative and competent fashion. I ask you to support her in the election in May.

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