Tribe Truck provides welcome dining changes through refreshing, diverse food options

Graphic credit to Angela Vasishta

Every time we return to the College of William and Mary, I am hesitant to enter dining halls again, wondering what will have changed with no notice.  Will the plates be even smaller? Where will the vegan section be randomly relocated to? I have soliloquized about dining hall changes many times before, so today I’ll give it a rest and highlight the food that has actually improved this semester: the Tribe Truck.

Last semester, the new ability to use meal swipes at the Tribe Truck led to my near-permanent residence on the terrace. I still think about those jackfruit tacos from the first week, which were perhaps the most delicious meal I’ve had while on campus. Coming back to campus, I had low expectations for the Tribe Truck, assuming that everything would be changed in a negative way.

Yet when I returned to my terrace home and gave the Tribe Truck a shot for a few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised. The only change I have noticed so far is that the lines, notoriously long last semester, are much more reasonable as the novelty has worn off.

What I have appreciated most about Tribe Truck is that there is a consistently good vegetarian option. I’ve been vegetarian the entire time I’ve been a student at the College, so I’ve occasionally dealt with the struggle in our main dining halls of eating the same thing over and over again when it’s the only reasonably edible option. Through Tribe Truck’s weekly changes, I appreciate knowing that there will be a new exciting vegetarian option to try that I’ll probably really enjoy.

The Tribe Truck’s location is also a key component of its success. I have slowly but surely become one of the infamous terrace dwellers, and swiping into Sadler is not the most satisfying option. The awkward encounters of going back and forth from the Terrace and Sadler involve a delicate balance of holding food on plates and avoiding tabling friends. The Tribe Truck, on the other hand, is easy to access, and you can wait for your food at your table.

One of my other favorite things about the Tribe Truck is how universally well loved it is.  Other dining halls have die-hard fans and vicious haters, while the Tribe Truck is near totally adored. When I ask a friend to the Tribe Truck, I don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be willing to accept or be able to find something to eat.

While I have heaped praise on the Tribe Truck, I do think that they need to continue to make strides in making their options accessible to everyone.  I would love to see more gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options because a large part of our community has such dietary restrictions and deserves to have just as varied options as those who don’t have dietary restrictions.

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