Letter to the Editor: the importance of student awareness of Health & Wellness resources


Letter to the Editor,

The promotion and facilitation of student mental and emotional health and wellness is critical at William & Mary. W&M Health & Wellness encourages questions about and feedback on the university’s approach to mental and emotional health. W&M’s model of service focuses on an entire continuum of care designed to challenge the cultural norms that stress mental health, promote preventive wellness to avoid crises, and effectively and compassionately administer crisis care.

Because student mental health is so important, it is crucial that students have accurate information and understand the resources available for them. We hope that Flat Hat readers will visit a new FAQ on the Health & Wellness Dashboard at www.wm.edu/wellness/dashboard that provides answers to the many questions we’ve received about the range and quality of services Health & Wellness and the Counseling Center provide.

Finally, I invite interested students to apply to join the Counseling Center’s Student Advisory Committee. This standing committee was established as a forum in which W&M students help support the mental and emotional well-being of their peers.

Kelly Crace, Ph.D.

Associate VP for Health & Wellness

In his role as Associate VP for Health & Wellness, Kelly serves the needs of Campus Recreation, Counseling Center, Health Promotion, Student Health, and the Center for Mindfulness & Authentic Excellence. Email him at kelly.crace@wm.edu


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