The Underground Tunnels of William & Mary

Underneath the College of William & Mary run several complex systems of tunnels. Students have mythicized these passageways for as long as they have existed. This video aims to explore their history, layout, and future.
00:00 Introduction
01:02 Eighteenth-century Drainage Ducts
02:18 The Wren Crypt
04:18 The Jamestown Road Underpass
05:33 The Underground Steam Tunnels
11:00 Facilities Management – Safety and Precautions


  1. The Jamestown Rd tunnel was still open when I graduated in 1975. The “hot tapir” graffiti was courtesy of a guy who went by the nickname “Mandrake”. There was also a nice piece of artwork graffiti that said “Mandrake sez eat more hot tapir!”


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