AidData receives grant from Hewlett Foundation, supporting work with foreign aid to Global South


The following article was previously published on The Flat Hat’s website during the week of Oct. 23. However, due to an unforeseen technological glitch, it was removed from the website for a period of time and was re-uploaded today, Nov. 6.

The College of William and Mary’s research lab AidData received a $1.5 million grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to assist with its objectives in addressing the needs and focuses of the lab through data and analysis. This grant continues an existing partnership between the Hewlett Foundation and AidData. 

“The latest grant continues a 15-year partnership between the Hewlett Foundation and AidData, which operates under William & Mary’s Global Research Institute, a multidisciplinary hub comprising over 60 faculty and staff and more than 200 students,” Tina Eshleman wrote in W&M magazine

Research Professor at the College’s Global Research Institute and Executive Director of AidData Brad Parks recently announced a new organizational strategy for 2023-2026. Parks described the importance of AidData’s group of faculty, staff and students assisting policy-makers with the designing, implementation and evaluation of policies and financial investments through research and evidence. 

Parks wrote in the blog post that the lab intends to ramp up its efforts supporting public policy research organizations and government agencies in the Global South.

“Global polycrisis impacts everyone, but it disproportionately affects those who are poor, vulnerable, and disaffected, and especially those living in the Global South,” Parks wrote. “Now, more than ever, decision-makers need to be able to pinpoint needs and target resources to these populations with higher levels of precision.”

AidData will be offering in-person, hybrid and online training for stakeholders within developing countries, covering topics such as data journalism and financial literacy. 


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