Police Beat (Nov. 4 – Nov. 13)

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November 16, 2006

9:21 PM

p. Tuesday, Nov. 7 — A student reported that another student was stalking her.

p. — A contractor doing renovations at the old bookstore, near the Campus Center, reported that a pile of copper pipe he was working with had been stolen. 140 feet of pipe was missing, worth approximately $1,000.
— A student reported that his bicycle had been stolen outside of Jones Hall. The bike, which was registered, was worth an estimated $100.

p. Wednesday, Nov. 8 — A power box behind Tazwell Hall was reportedly vandalized with spray paint. Police estimated the damage at $150.

p. Friday, Nov. 10 — Police confronted a student who had “no parking” signs in his car on North Boundary Street. Police determined that the signs were stolen property.
— A student at Dinwiddie Hall reported that his wallet had been stolen, with $400 in cash and $100 in other items, including his student ID and credit cards.

p. Sunday, Nov. 12 — A male student was arrested and taken to the regional jail for being drunk in public on Alumni Drive.
— Police arrested another male student for being drunk in public near Sorority Court. He was also driven to the regional jail.

p. Monday, Nov. 13 — Staff at the Gifted Education Office reported that a boom box worth approximately $80 had been stolen.
— A caller reported that their unregistered bike had been stolen outside of Unit H. The bike was a silver, custom-made Canadian model worth approximately $300.

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