This Week in Flat Hat History (Nov. 17)

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November 16, 2006

10:01 PM

1911 — President supports suffrage
College President Lyon G. Tyler was the main speaker at a meeting of the Women’s Suffrage League in Williamsburg. Tyler was an early advocate for women’s suffrage.

1914 — Booker T. Washington speaks
Booker T. Washington, the noted black educator and political leader, spoke to a crowd at the Wren Chapel. Professors suspended lectures and “practically the entire student body heard the speaker.”

1941 — Students: football not in danger
The Flat Hat asked 24 students, “Do you think college football is becoming too commercial?” The vast majority said no, arguing that the extra money for football was good for the sport and would improve the team.

1981 — Morton Hall set to reopen
The College announced that Morton Hall would reopen in three weeks. The building had been closed for a year and a half for asbestos removal. Asbestos fibers also had to be removed from the Commons, Millington and Phi Beta Kappa Hall.

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