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February 28, 2007

1:22 AM

**Test of online housing lottery system experiences errors**

Residence Life assigned time slots to students who had signed up to test drive the new online housing lottery Monday, but errors prevented students from seeing their assigned registration time slots.
Residence Life sent four e-mails to all testers over a two-hour period.

p. The first e-mail announced that there were errors; a second said that they had been corrected, and a third said that IT was still working on correcting errors.

p. “This is a test instance of myWM and not the real thing, so the smallest thing not being set up correctly can [throw] things off,” a final e-mail said.

p. __By Maxim Lott__

p. **Former College rector and BOV member passes away**

Herbert V. Kelly, Sr., ‘41, a former rector of the College and BOV member, died Feb. 19, at the age of 87.

p. “The College of William and Mary today is immeasurably better for Herb’s leadership during the last 60 years,” President Gene Nichol said.

p. Kelly received a law degree in 1943, in addition to his undergraduate degree. He was on the BOV for nine years and was rector for two.

p. He served as president of the local United Way, Boy Scout Council, Sports Club and Newport News Club Rotary. In 1987, he received in the Alumni Medallion and an honorary degree in 1993.
p. __By Morgan Figa__

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