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March 2, 2007

3:10 PM

The College’s Board of Visitors dedicated Chandler Hall. It was named after Dr. J. A. Chandler and was to be a women’s dormitory. The building cost $152,000 to build and had suites on the second and third floor that were to be used by sororities.

p. **1969**
Male and female students began a protest against the women’s curfew rules. Two hundred and twenty-five women refused to sign in at their dormitories in accordance with the Women’s Dormitory Association Rules. In addition, approximately 100 men held an orderly sit-in and refused to leave women’s dorms after the 11 p.m. curfew.

p. **1972**
A College-wide debate began after the abolishment of the usage of D as a letter grade. Statistics from the registrar said that about half of the grades that would have been assigned as Ds dropped down to Fs. The other half jumped up to Cs and pushed many former Cs to Bs. The move transformed the College’s average grade from a C to a B.

p. **1994**
The student body voted by an 83 percent majority to unify all the College’s schools under one honor system. In addition, the new honor code corrected differences between the rules and penalties for undergradate and graduate students. The code was also amended to allow all accused students to have a student representative in their hearings and ensured that students would be tried only by members of their own school.

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