By The Numbers (April 6)

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April 6, 2007

3:43 PM

**45 percent**
Turnout for the SA presidential election among eligible voters at the College, including graduate and undergraduate students. A total of 3,146 students voted.

p. **216**
The number of involuntarily bumped students, 131 females and 85 males, who remain bumped from College housing as of yesterday.

p. **26,706**
The number of attendees at the first home game of the Washington Nationals this season. The Nationals were the team with the lowest attendance at a home game so far this year.

p. **500 hours**
The time it took a team of 20 artisans to produce a suit made out of only local materials, defined as those produced within a hundred mile radius of Philadelphia. Wired Magazine called the difficultly of the task “a demonstration of the massive manufacturing power of the global economy.”

p. **47 percent**
The U.S. and Canadian proportion of world spending on pharmaceutical products.

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