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April 10, 2007

12:52 PM

__Pilchen says cabinet will be most diverse in SA history__

p. Student Assembly President-elect, sophomore Zach Pilchen, is planning on making changes to the executive appointment process.

p. “Many new positions are being created for areas where the Student Assembly has traditionally failed to meet student needs, and several older, redundant positions are being eliminated entirely,” Pilchen said.

p. Pilchen said that his cabinet will be the most diverse in SA history and will draw from the best and brightest of the College. Pilchen wants to reach out to the overwhelming majority of the student body who have never been involved with the SA.

p. “The student body deserves no less than the most capable, passionate team of individuals possible to advocate their needs,” he said.

p. His first order of business is to appoint positions for the cabinet within the executive branch. There are six main departments: Academic Policy, Student Life, Public Affairs, Finance, Diversity Initiatives and Health and Safety.

p. According to the SA constitution, senators must approve all departmental appointments. Pilchen and Vice President-elect sophomore Valerie Hopkins will be meeting with the newly-elected senators to discuss their agenda for next year.

p. Pilchen has not said which of President Scofield’s officers he will reappoint and he refused to comment as to whether he would appoint defeated SA candidates Brad Potter and Brett Phillips to any positions.

p. Pilchen would not comment on specific appointments, but sophomore Andy Peters, the Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs under the Scofield administration, confirmed that he will “almost certainly” be re-appointed. He told The Flat Hat details of a meeting with Pilchen where they discussed the future of the SA and how Pilchen’s plans compare to those of the Scofield administration. According to Peters, despite his support of Brad Potter and Brett Phillips, Pilchen wants him back. Peters is a Flat Hat staff columnist.

p. Pilchen added that he and his transistion team have carefully reviewed the results of the referenda on the ballot last month. After he has filled the appropriate cabinet positions, he said his administration will determine what to do with the referenda results.

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