Brown wins after revote

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May 2, 2007

10:22 PM

Student Assembly Elections Chairman junior Adam Boltik has declared junior Matt Brown the winner of Wednesday’s revote for the Class of 2008’s vice president for advocacy.

p. Brown defeated junior Sharif Tanious, garnering 256 votes out of 413 cast.

p. Laura Rogers, a junior, also won the election for treasurer for the Class of 2008.

p. Both elections were overturned in April after appeals processes.

p. Brown was initially declared the winner by one vote after the SA’s March 29 election, but Tanious appealed the decision, saying that junior Bryan Jones — who is currently interning in Florida — was unable to access SIN and vote. Jones voted through e-mail instead, which the commission initially rejected.

p. After a review board meeting, the commission decided to authorize the e-mailed vote, declaring a tie between Brown and Tanious and calling for a revote.

p. Rogers also had her election overturned after Class of 2008 President Nick Faulkner, a junior, appealed the results, challenging the Election Commission’s decision to use a paper ballot due to lack of registered candidates.

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