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JMU student gov. president resigns for plagiarizing Pilchen

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September 14, 2007

6:59 PM

p. JMU student government president Brandon Eickel has resigned effective Sept. 18 amid a plagiarism scandal that divided the JMU community. It was discovered that nearly half of the bulleted goals listed on Eickel’s campaign website were taken from the campaign site of College Student Assembly President Zach Pilchen ’09 and Vice President Valerie Hopkins ’09.

p. “In the best interests of the JMU student body and the Student Government
Association, I have decided to resign as Student Body President,” Eickel wrote in a statement released today. “It is my hope that this decision will allow the SGA to renew its focus in helping students.”

p. Tuesday night, JMU’s SGA senate voted not to impeach Eickel, but instead to censure him, the JMU student newspaper, The Breeze, reported.

p. At least one outraged senator had planned to resign and organize sit-ins at future senate meetings to protest the decision not to impeach Eickel.

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