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By The Numbers (Sept. 18)

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September 18, 2007

1:31 AM

The number of electoral democracies in the world, according to independent monitoring group Freedom House. Citizens of 89 countries, making up 46 percent of the world’s population, are considered to “enjoy a climate of respect for civil liberties.”

p. **754**
The number of students in the “Renew Gene Nichol’s Presidency” Facebook group, or 13 percent of the full-time undergraduate student body.

p. **50 percent**
The proportion of college students who used instant messaging in a July 2004 estimate, according to a Pew Center report. Over 75 percent of those students used AOL Instant Messenger.

p. **3.4 megabytes**
The amount by which Google increases its e-mail storage limit daily for users of its free Gmail service. As of Monday, the current limit was 2.902 gigabytes.

p. **1 in 4,165**
The odds of getting four of a kind in a poker hand.

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