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By The Numbers (Oct. 2)

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October 2, 2007

1:03 AM

**3 millimeters**
The thickness of the new organic light-emitting diode television from Sony. The television will be released in Japan for ¥200,000 ($1,700).

p. **48**
The low temperature average for Williamsburg in October. The average high is 71. These temperatures are 11 degrees lower than in September.

p. **1,138**
The weight of a pumpkin that broke a state record at the Virginia State Fair this week. The pumpkin, weighing in at over half a ton, broke the previous record of 200 pounds.

p. **41 percent**
The increased probability that girls will graduate from high school if they played interscholastic sports, according to a recent study at Brigham Young University.

p. **80 percent**
The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe under President Robert Mugabe, who has been criticized for large-scale human rights violations.

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