By The Numbers (Oct. 30)

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October 30, 2007

1:55 AM

**17.1 Percent**
The proportion of U.S. college students whose favorite soft drink is Coca Cola, according to a market research survey by Anderson Analytics. The runner up was Dr. Pepper, with 11.7 percent.

p. **2 credits**
The increase in the number of military science credits that can now be applied to the total required for graduation. The number of applicable credits rose from six to eight.

p. **16 days**
The average number of vacation days taken by American workers, less than half that of European countries such as France and Italy. In Italy, the average worker takes 42 vacation days.

p. **56 percent**
The proportion of Americans who reported that they were happy with their life in a 2002 survey. The same survey found that just 35 percent of French and 31 percent of Germans said the same.

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