Sorority Court to compete to go green

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November 2, 2007

8:51 AM

Oct. 31, Anne Arseneau, head of student affairs for the Greek community, signed a green pledge by the Back Porch Energy Initiative (BPEI) to start the Eco-Coed competition for sorority court.

p. The competition, which is set to take place next spring, pits all of the sororities residing in Sorority Court into an eco-competition. Each sorority will be graded on various energy-saving criteria such as energy use, cleaning products and water use. The competition would consist of two “eco-audits” after which sororities would be given various tips by BPEI. After a month, another “eco-audit” would be administered to determine which house was the most ecologically friendly.

p. The Back Porch Energy Initiative, a non-profit organization founded by alumni of the College, was created with the goal of educating the community about environmentally healthy living.

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