Professor elected president of American Fisheries Society

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December 5, 2007

8:01 PM

p. Mary Fabrizio, associate professor at the College’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science, was recently elected as the president of the American Fisheries Society.

p. The AFS, a 9,000-member group that focuses on the conservation, development and efficient use of American fisheries, is the oldest and largest group of its kind in the world.

p. Fabrizio, whose work focuses mainly on the population dynamics of finfish and conducting annual juvenile fish surveys of the Chesapeake Bay, hopes to promote proper management of fishery resources and to provide channels of scientific information to private fishery owners. The annual fish surveys of the Chesapeake Bay have helped to record fish populations and control overfishing in the Bay since 1955.
VIMS is the graduate institution for marine science at the College.

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